World’s Coolest Reviews: RENATO JONES SEASON TWO #1

World's Coolest Reviews: RENATO JONES SEASON TWO #1


If seeing those who abuse their wealth and power get their comeuppance is something that would put a smile on your face then look for further than RENATO JONES SEASON TWO #1 from Image Comics.  Kaare Kyle Andrews takes the helm for both words and art in this second volume of his hit creator owned series.  The first volume saw the rise of Renato Jones on his one man mission to take down the elite 1% who would use that wealth and power to rape, pillage, and plunder.  These individuals are above the law and thus it takes a man working outside the rules of society to bring them to justice.  Volume two begins with the 1% fighting back in the only way they can, by playing Renato’s game and donning enhanced suits and taking the fight to the streets.  The issue closes on a fantastic turn of events when Renato must content with what to do when his life long love and obsession becomes that which he has dedicated his life to destroy.


No bones about it, Renato Jones is a comic series ripped directly from today’s politically charged headlines.  Andrews writes a morally conflicted character who is really stretching the boundaries of right and wrong.  Renato is a fun character to read and his style is second to none.  This book is just cool, plain and simple.  The only catch is how steeped it is in politics.  Like it or not this country is definitely divided when it comes to politics and RENATO JONES SEASON TWO #1 pulls zero punches when it comes to where it lands on the political spectrum.  With that said, even if you are from the more conservative side of things there is still a lot to be enjoyed here and I would still recommend you check this series out.  The villains are so over the top with their evil and cruelty that I honestly cannot see anyone being so offended by the book that they would not enjoy reveling in the jaw dropping action.


The art in this title might be as divisive as the words but I absolutely love it.  Mostly black and white with an emphasis on negative space and minimalism, RENATO JONES SEASON TWO #1 is a showcase for Andrews particular style.  The way he draws the action scenes makes them feel like everything is moving at a thousand miles per hour.  When emotions run high the black and white changes to full color panels and it really stands out to make the point that words cannot.  Renato Jones is a great comic by a very talented creator.  The first volume is collected in trade and I would definitely recommend you check it out and then jump on board with this new series.


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